Mountain View

We find signals. We believe much of the analytics world is lost in the noise of random unfocused inquiry. We believe that all analytics efforts should be driven from a signal-to-noise (SNR) perspective. Our quest is to find signals and encapsulate them into operational analytic systems to dramatically increase the impact of analytics in the target organization and in the world at large.

We build purpose-built analytic systems that aggregate diverse data feeds, computationally generate signals from the noise, display the human significant information, and drive automated responses.

We are able to build these systems because we solve complex things simply. We have mastered the tools of high performance distributed computation and quantitative analytics. These skills allow us to focus on finding signals that can both explain what has or is happening and predict what might happen. We believe that encoded in the large, diverse, and dynamic data sources of our world are traces of reality or signals that can be decoded or revealed through computing, quantitative methods, and directed efforts. These signals can tell us how to act. They enable us to speed through and learn from the past, slow down the present, and simultaneously consider many futures.

Signal finding generates meaningful impact. Signals encapsulated in purpose-built systems drive operational value.

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